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2. Acceptance: The Clients acceptance of those terms may be confirmed either by signing this document, confirming its acceptance by email or allowing RPC to carry out the Service.

3. Fees and Payment: The prices as set out in this agreement are payable by the Customer to RPC for your Service. Fees are inclusive of GST. The prices are payable on the day that the Service is rendered. RPC will provide the Customer with an electronic tax invoice on the date of this Service, Where the Customer authorises a credit card or direct debit to your bank account, a fee for the Fees will be processed on the day the Service is rendered. .

4. Interest on over dues & No Deductions: Interest is payable from the Customer on delinquent amounts payable RPC in the end of the due date until the date on which the debt is paid at a rate of 2 per cent (2%) over the rate charged by RPCs bank on overdrafts for less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00).



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5. Treatment effectiveness: RPC will provide the Service in a competent and professional manner taking into account those terms. The ongoing effectiveness of the pest control provided depends on the Customer implementing RPCs recommended hygiene, housekeeping, and property maintenance processes. The Customer acknowledges that pest treatment may also be rendered ineffective by disturbing treated areas, building alterations, renovations and introducing untreated or infested materials to the property that encourage pest action. .

6. Pest Inspection and Treatment: The insect inspections undertaken as a member of this Service will be based upon a visual inspection only limited to those areas and sections of their premises entirely accessible and visible to the technician in the time and on the afternoon of this inspection. Furniture, equipment, fittings and inventory may conceal evidence of several bugs which can only be shown when these things are removed.



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The rest of the pests are excluded unless consented by RPC in writing. .

7. Ideas and recommendations: RPCs Check Out Your URL technician will provide a service report following the Service and provide suggestions and recommendations on the client to control and minimize pests and their habitat. These can cover hygiene, housekeeping, stacking, storage and maintenance.



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8. Access and Security: The Client must ensure that RPCs staff and other authorised personnel (Personnel) have full and secure access (free of any health and safety hazards and risks) into the relevant areas of the premises and all amenities such as water and electricity that RPC could reasonably require in order to offer the Service .The Client must advise the RPC technician prior to the commencement of this Service of any health and safety risks including the presence of asbestos.



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RPC will comply with reasonable safety and safety instructions of the Client while present at the Clients premises. .

9. Customer Co-operation: The Client must comply with all advice and instructions offered by click resources RPC into the Customer including any relating to pesticides and equipment usage and also the health and safety of persons using the premises during and following the completion of this Service.

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10. Damage to Utilities: If delivery of this Service involves drilling or cutting any materials, the Client will be responsible for identifying the location of all utility services to the house including water and drainage pipes, electrical and telephone cables, gas pipes etc.. RPC will exercise due care in performing any drilling or cutting but the Customer will be liable for any harm caused by penetration to any services unless caused by the negligence of RPC. .

11. Reliance on Service and Report: All reports provided by RPC in relation to the Service are supplied solely for the benefit of the Customer named in the report. Neither this agreement nor any report may be assigned by the Client to another person or relied upon by any other person without the prior written approval of RPC that might be given conditionally or withheld. .

12. Indemnity: To the extent permitted by law, the Client will indemnify RPC and its important link Personnel against all actions, claims, proceedings or costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) which RPC could incur as a result of any reliance placed on the content of a service or inspection report from any person other than the Client who obtained the report from the Client without the written consent of RPC, except to the extent any loss or damage is caused by RPC or its Personnel. .



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13. Force Majeure: RPC shall not be responsible for failure to meet any obligation if the failure results directly or indirectly from a cause beyond its control.

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